Account and Email

Account Management and Email

为学生、教师和工作人员提供亚游集团官方网站的电子邮件和Office 365帐户. These accounts also provide access to Microsoft O365 用于文档管理、存储和在线协作的工具. In addition, 您的北园电子邮件将帮助您及时了解校园新闻和事件, as well as connect with faculty and students. 定期查看您的大学电子邮件,查看所有北园官方通信.

Your North Park University Account

Your University Account grants you access to Outlook EmailCanvas, SelfService, the Helpdesk, and other campus services. Please view the Information Technology Wiki page 有关您的帐户和帐户安全功能的更多信息.

You should never share your password with anyone, and North Park IT will never ask you for your password.

Learn more about securing your account with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Account Activation

To activate your North Park account use Microsoft’s Self-Service Password Reset.

你需要知道你的大学电子邮件,并能访问你的二级认证因素. IT Support Services staff can assist. 他们在卡罗琳大厦的下层,可以在 or (773) 244-5540.

Account Activation

要激活您的North Park电子邮件和Office 365帐户,请使用微软的 Self-Service Password Reset.

你需要知道你的大学电子邮件,并能访问你的二级认证因素. IT Support Services staff can assist. 他们在卡罗琳大厦的下层,可以在 or (773) 244-5540.

Password Reset

如果你不再记得你的密码,使用微软的自助服务 Self-Service Password Reset. 您需要访问辅助身份验证因素.

Password Change

If you know your password but want to change it, log into and choose the Change Password option.

Check Your Email

你应该定期查看学校的电子邮件,以便及时了解重要的学术和亚游集团官方网站信息. 所有北园官方信件将发送到您的大学电子邮件帐户. The North Park University Wiki 有关于设备与邮件同步的说明和邮件转发规则吗. There is also information on a variety of Microsoft O365 tools available to students on the Wiki.

Access your University Outlook Email

Guiding Principles

网络提供了连接数百万人和资源的能力. 每个用户在使用此连接时认识到自己的责任是非常重要的. 每个用户在访问网络时对自己的行为直接负责. 用户必须始终记住这一点,因为有些事情是可以做的, does not mean that it should be done.

北园大学的计算资源和网络是为目前的北园教师使用的, students, and staff, and are to be used primarily for the academic, administrative, educational, and research purposes of the institution. 如果(i)使用不过度,则允许偶尔非机构使用, (ii) does not interfere with the performance of any faculty, staff member, or student’s duties, (iii)不会干扰北方园区网络或其计算资源的有效运行, (iv)不受本政策或任何其他北园政策或指令禁止, and (v) is not otherwise prohibited by law.

Understand that North Park is a Christian community. Your activities must reflect that when utilizing our resources.

Specific prohibitions (not meant to be all-inclusive):

  • Sending confidential information without encryption. Un-encrypted information can be easily read and re-transmitted.
  • Downloading, keeping, sending, publishing, posting anything that could be considered offensive, vulgar or harassing by North Park Standards.
  • Sending of unsolicited email messages to groups of people.
  • 篡改不属于自己的电子或计算机系统.
  • 可能导致他人工作损失或中断的行为.
  • 访问或试图访问不属于您或您没有合法访问权限的信息.
  • Sharing your password with anyone.
  • 使用我们的资源从事任何非法、不道德或不道德的活动.
  • 将政府规定保护的信息存储在非北园所有的计算机上.
  • 将受政府法规保护的信息分享给未授权方.

Choose passwords that cannot be easily guessed. They protect your personal information and that of others.

北园明确保留检查和检查任何北园拥有或运营的计算机系统的权利, computing resource, and/or file(s) or information contained therein at any time. 这包括存储在我们服务器上的电子邮件通信和通过我们网络传输的信息.

如果您在北园的电脑上遇到问题,请通过打开 helpdesk ticket, or calling Information Technology.

File Sharing

亚游集团官方网站希望我们的校园社区了解有关计算机的现行法律和适用的大学政策, network, and internet use. 应该指出的是,使用亚游集团官方网站网络使用受版权保护的材料的文件共享程序是非法的. 行业组织已经对使用文件共享程序共享受版权保护的信息的个别大学生提起了侵犯版权的诉讼. 违反版权法可能在民事和刑事责任方面造成严重后果. 亚游集团官方网站建议学生不要参与点对点文件共享. We have technology in place to prevent this type of traffic, 除了非法的点对点文件共享之外,还有很多其他选择.

Disciplinary Actions

The use of North Park’s technology is a privilege, not a right. 滥用任何设备或违反上述任何规定,可能会导致失去计算机特权或由学生主任办公室进行校园纪律处分, or Director of Human Resources.